Flip Flops in the Shower – the why, the when and the which!

Do you know why so many people like to wear flip flops in the shower? The answer is simple. They want to prevent slip and fall accidents. Older people or anyone with balancing problems are at risk of slipping on the wet surface if they don’t shield their feet properly.

But even if you’re a younger person, it is still a good idea to wear flip flops in the shower. Why? Well, there is another risk to taking a shower besides slipping and falling on the wet surface. The shower environment could contain fungus, bacteria and viruses as well. The risk is even greater if you’re using a public shower.

Think about all the people who use the shower at your local public gym, swimming pool facility, or other recreational environments. Any one of them could be harboring fungus, bacteria, and viruses on their skin and feet. If your feet are not protected, these impurities could infect you simply by standing on them.

Let’s breakdown the possible infections you could incur from using a public shower without feet protection:

Fungal Infections: Fungus loves warm and wet environments. That is why athletes are at a higher risk of infection because they’re warm and wet as well. Athlete’s foot is a type of fungal infection that you could get from a gym shower floor.  

Viral Infections: Some viruses get shed from the body through the skin. If someone with warts or herpes were to use a public shower, you could easily contract the virus if your feet touch those viral elements on the floor.

Bacterial Infections: Gyms are notorious for harboring a type of bacteria called staphylococcus or simply “staph.” It is powerful enough to break through the natural protections of your skin and infect the body. The result would be a staph infection that will pass through your bloodstream and potentially harm the internal organs of your body.

The Simple Solution: Wear Flip Flops

The potential of infection can be avoided with one simple solution: wear flip flops! If you wear flip flops in the shower, the chance of infection goes down considerably. And, of course, you can reduce the likelihood of breaking your bones from a slip and fall accident too.

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