Blisters, Abrasions, Chafing … Ways to Reduce Friction on the Skin

Footwear can cause skin chafing and blisters. The main part is the strap. When worn for a long time or used in water the strap starts to feel like it’s tightening around the foot. This causes friction which in turn causes blisters, abrasions, and chafing.

One solution for this problem was to use fabric on the inside of the straps. This did work, but caused a lot of other problems. One is when it got wet it takes a long time to dry which can make the flip flop uncomfortable to wear. And two is that when it gets dirty, it is a pain to clean and sometimes you can’t clean it.

The same thing can happen with slippers too. However, flip flops are the one type of slippers that significantly reduce friction against the heels of the feet. Rather than knowing your foot size in inches, you can purchase flip flops in small, medium or large sizes. Either way, there will be minimal rubbing against your heels because the Y-shaped toe strap will ensure that your footwear does not slide around under your feet.

The flip flop material is so much softer and more comfortable for your feet too. Flip flops do not have rough bottoms like ordinary shoes. Most flip flops are made of a specially formulated rubber blend to maximize comfort and slip resistance. It would be very difficult for your feet to get chafed or blistered against a soft rubber blended material. You could walk on hardwood floors or concrete surfaces and still feel comfortable in your flip flops.

Therefore, you must wear flip flops at home or any other casual environment. You can take the stress and pressure off your feet by not having to wear your ordinary shoes everywhere you go. Let your feet breathe and relax with a nice pair of flip flops.