Post Workout Recovery: Why it is important to let your feet breathe

When you finish a workout at home or the gym, it is essential to let your feet breathe. Unfortunately, many people do not take their sneakers off after workouts. They’re too busy driving home from the gym, preparing their post-workout meals and focusing on everything other than their feet.

Workouts cause your entire body to sweat, including your feet. Sweat provides two benefits for the body. First, it is a natural cooling mechanism to lower the body temperature after the body has stressed itself out from a workout. Secondly, sweat removes toxins, bacteria and other impurities to keep the cells healthy and functional.

For these reasons, you need to let your feet breathe after a workout. If you continue to cover your sweaty feet, all the bacteria and impurities will build up in the skin pores. The symptoms could include blisters, redness, pain and fungal infections.

By this point, you’ll want to leave your shoes off because wearing them will be too painful. But don’t wait for this to happen to your feet. Do the right thing and take off your shoes after a workout. And if you need to wear something to protect the bottom of your feet in the meantime, you could always wear flip flops to serve both interests.

Flip flops are the best footwear to have on your feet after workouts. Not only do they protect the base of your feet from the elements on the ground, but they also allow the impurities to be removed safely. There is very little chance of any contaminants building up on your feet if they have exposure to air.  

Don’t even wear socks after a workout because they will trap the impurities too. Just slip your bare feet into a pair of flip flops and wear them after your workout. It is effortless and extremely beneficial to the health of your feet and body.

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