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I’m Shreya, the founder of Surfsyde, an innovative company born from my childhood trip to India. While exploring the vibrant streets at the age of 10, I was captivated by the widespread use of flip-flops, my favorite footwear. The simplicity and versatility of this design across cultures intrigued me.

However, I also noticed a concerning downside. People suffered from blisters and infections, particularly those with chronic conditions like diabetes. Researching further, I discovered the alarming reality of dorsal foot ulcers, which could lead to life-altering amputations for individuals with diabetes and other chronic conditions. The impact on those with limited access to medical care was devastating.

Motivated to make a difference, I delved into extensive research, experimentation, and brainstorming. My goal was to develop a flip-flop design that would reduce the risk of skin abrasions, blisters, and dorsal foot ulcers. After numerous iterations, I came up with the groundbreaking idea of a rolled inner seam for the strap. This feature minimizes friction on the skin, providing unparalleled comfort and protection. It benefits not only those with diabetes but also anyone seeking a blister-free flip-flop experience.

Driven by my passion for positive change, I founded Surfsyde at the age of 12, dedicated to revolutionizing the flip-flop industry. Our patent-pending rolled inner seam flip flops embody my vision. Surfsyde aims to bring this innovative footwear directly to consumers, offering both style and foot health.

Surfsyde is more than just a footwear company; it represents a greater purpose. During my research, I discovered that girls worldwide are denied access to education based on gender. This revelation deeply moved me, and I committed to supporting educational initiatives for girls. I believe education is the key to empowerment and a brighter future for communities worldwide. Surfsyde actively donates to charities working in this space to support girls’ education.

Surfsyde is the embodiment of my passion for innovative design, foot health, and girls’ education. Every step we take is driven by the desire to transform lives, one pair of flip flops at a time. Join us on this remarkable journey where fashion meets function, and together, we can make a lasting difference in the world.